Review: Highlands Magazine

Our first release, A Dimension Reflected, was reviewed by Catherine Codridex at Highlands Magazine. Translation follows.
Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 4.02.16 PM

“JOURDAN LAIK and PHILLIP WILKERSON feel a fascination for time. Not the weather, sun or rain, but the weather
which is ticking second by second and shapes our lives. We conducted our creation to our end as the metronome of our existence. This space is short, with no hope of stopping the course. TIME BEING their album is dedicated to him and wants to describe his perception by humans like us. Personal way of understanding, to manage, to endure. These two known in the middle of the ambient music artists offer compositions trippy atmospheres. A trip out of the time space. Notes held until they decay, sounds suspension, foggy and padded travel. Often cold to the appointment of these distant music is avoided. The auditor escapes in a warmer world, as comforting, soothing, rejuvenating. The sweetness is needed with strength and conviction to degrees of vibration, convolutions, fluid and serene whirlpools. Eight tracks to listen where you close your eyes to enjoy a total mental rest. Your head is empty and only your hearing is still working. Pins fly like a soap bubble that iridescent shimmering colors before bursting. Synthesizers take any space and can be used as a therapeutic alternative. Some places like the beach, for example, give me that feeling of total break, but never an album of music that style had me captivated all. Generator dreams, illusions, fantasies . TIME BEING put on your plate and even after the end of the listening moments will differ. This album changes as time passes.”


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