Jourdan Laik and Phillip Wilkerson first began collaborating in 2008. At Jourdan’s request, Phillip sent Jourdan a few musical ideas, in the form of audio files, which Jourdan then embellished in his own studio.

Both Jourdan and Phillip immediately sensed that the resulting synergy of their musical talents was worth pursuing. Over the next 18 months, the duo created enough finished tracks for a demo CD.

During that same time span, Jourdan’s fine-art photography work began focusing on capturing images that evoke time, timelessness, and awareness.

Inspired by Jourdan’s photography, both Jourdan and Phillip realized they could likewise convey these ideas through the medium of classical, ambient music.

Together, they became Time Being, an ambient musical collaboration whose main themes focus on capturing the present moment of time, the now, while being fully present and aware that every moment is forever–an eternity unto itself.

CDs by Time Being are available on the Spotted Peccary music label:

2015 – A Place to Belong [SPM-9084]

2011 – A Dimension Reflected [LSM20]

Also available At:




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